Our exciting 1 and 2 hour workshops help develop social skills as students get involved in music related discussions and learning techniques that stimulate a feeling of achievement.


Get professional one to one tuition on our 5 week Masterclass workshop. We will provide students with all the necessary training required to enter the exciting world of digital DJ’ing and discuss career opportunities.


Students interact as a team to learn about music genres and DJ mixing equipment. Prizes & merchandise are up for grabs as participants take control of the decks in our mixing competition.





Phil Webster is a Professional DJ and the owner of HANDS ON DECKS. Phil also owns CHOICE Dj, an award nominated Mobile DJ company based in Rochester, Kent.


Mollie Collins is a talented 19 year old female Drum and Bass Resident DJ at Mojo nightclub. She is also responsible for club lighting effects and promoting events.



We used Hands on Decks as a team building exercise for staff and we were very impressed with the service we received. We booked the In The Mix Workshop and everyone had a lot of fun and learnt a thing or two at the same time. It was great time out for everyone, I even spent the second hour participating myself. In our experience this is the premier company offering this type of experience.

Leigh Holmes – Television Presenter, Owner of The Hawking Centre, Doddington, Kent

I’ve known Phil for about 7 years, he worked at my wedding and we have used his services since at my equestrian centre for several corporate events. We were intrigued by Hands on Decks so we used it at the school one day as something a bit different for the pupils to get involved in as part of a team building exercise. It was a great success and will definitely use again for future classes.

Anita Collins – Business Owner, Director